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The end of all things

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I have decided to stop this blog now. It was an exciting and interesting journey. I move on to something new now, but I keep the blog mentioned on my website.

If you come along my blog through my website, please check it out. There is a lot written here, that will explain you my work more and the way I write. I am sure it has something for everybody to share.

Actually I look at this blog like a little booklet, where you can get more indepth information on me and my work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Written by Marlene

June 15, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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Book Trailers

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What a shame! I just discovered book trailers. I really didn’t know until now they are existing. It is exciting and I really fell in love with this idea.

The trailers are just like a trailer for a movie. They are about one to three minutes long and do give you an idea about the book. You can find all kinds of book trailers. Some use more pictures, others less.  Important is always the music. I think it is crucial here, because with the images you have to be careful.

The reader wants to create his own imagination while he is reading the book and doesn’t like to be shown how it should look like.  Because let us be honest, I as a writer have a certain image of  the characters or the landscape in the story. The same goes for my readers, but that doesn’t mean we share the same image. Most likely it will be a lot different (well not a lot, but yet..). That makes it hard to create a great trailer, but if one is done fanastic, it is really overwhelming.

I love the trailers from the fantasy novel writer Patti o’Shea. She uses words more than images. The images used are most times of her book cover. I think that is the best approach for this medium. To use the bookcover and the words of the cover are sure a very good way to combine those two mediums. Please check out her trailers at: . I am sure you will love them. If you want to explore more booktrailers, just google. There are plenty of them.

The idea of film and book, the combination of the written word with the visual and the music is a really great idea. It brings together so many art fields, and that is something I always enjoy and admire.

Written by Marlene

April 21, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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The ‘third term’

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In a complex world with complex systems I agree that we need different approaches to find new and different solutions.
Now there is subjectivity connected to the ego and emotions. Then objectivity is connected to no ego, no emotions, because it shall be rational. It is said to be the solution. I don’t think so, at least not the only one. I think we are heading towards a third term. One that isn’t named or defined yet, because it will not only be beyond ego and emotion, but also beyond rationality.

There are many new methods and theories, like ethic or sustainability and many more I don’t know about. They are all important and all a part of that ‘third term’, we haven’t named or even defined, but actually are heading towards it. I am not sure, if we can define that ‘third’ term, because it isn’t able to be measured with traditional methods.
Here nothing is operationalizable, measurable and that is scaring for most people, since we all love to live and think in boxes. Makes us more secure I suppose.

I guess this is also the main problem. As long as we like to think that only an objective way of explaining things is possible and acceptable, we are still fighting any idea of a non-objective, new way. Guess, this is why so many methods are meanwhile out there – great, new and exciting and yet not recognized or acknowledged.

However, I don’t know what it needs to define this third term and what all shall be included, even less how it could be named. We want to get new solutions, looking for new ways, but everything that is beyond the objective terms confuses us. But I think it is important for our future to give that thought of a third non-measurable, beyond rational or emotional term at least a try.

Written by Marlene

March 16, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Treasures of our ancestors

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I love genealogy and do care a lot about my own family history. I have written quite a bit about it and still do research in that field. But I want to go deeper, on another level. To know our ancestors, where we come from is extremely important. But even more important is to understand the patterns of our ancestors. Because their patterns do have an affect on our lives.

Often we just see the negative patterns of our ancestors, but there is the other side too. Our ancestors did have talents, passions and abilities that are still available to us today. Often enough we don’t see them. We might think, we have a certain talent, but are unsure of it and if we would start to dig into our ancestral lineage we would be surprised to find out all the talents in our own family.

The main problem is usually that the talents haven’t been unfolding. Neither our ancestors did it nor us. Our ancestors had their doubts about them as much as we do today. Or maybe they weren’t all aware of them just like we. Often enough they weren’t able to live them for whatever reason. That’s why often great talents are available in our family but no one sees the treasure. We should start to see the treasures in our families and to unfold those, so that we as well as our future generations can truly live them.

Written by Marlene

March 1, 2010 at 9:06 am

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Spirits and mentorship

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When I first came across this idea, it was in a book I was reading and I immediately knew this is something I want to explore. So I let you know some of experiences. Meanwhile I use this kind of approach on a daily basis and for many of my clients.

We all know that mentorship is mainly used in the career and/or business world, if it comes down to someone helping you to further your path. They give advices, have a wider understanding of the industry we are in or want to get in. You can turn to them, if there is something you really need to know to go further.
Now with spirits and mentorship is it not that different. You can turn to the spirits for help and guidance. Many people already do know that and actually do it. They use their help for answering questions concerning their life, sometimes on their own and sometimes they turn to other people who have the ability to get in tune with the spirits.

The kind of mentorship I am talking about is different though. Usually those spirits have not passed away too long ago and they were ‚experts’ in their own field. For example let’s say they were producers for movies or they were managers in the field of organic food. There are many fields, careers or businesses.

Now those spirits or souls can help us understanding our career or our field better and provide us with some good advices. They do not know everything, but they have a bit a boarder understanding and often can tell how you would fit in or what you could do better to fit in that field you want to go.

I could write a lot more about it, but I want to put all this into an article and as soon as it is published, I will set up a link here, so you can get even more information about this exciting way of spirit and mentorship.

Written by Marlene

February 7, 2010 at 9:42 am

Conscious Media Network

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Do you know this media network? If not, you definitely should try it out.
First time I came across this media network, I was immediately hooked up. In my opinion it is really one of the best media networks existing.
Why? It offers information you won’t find so easily and in one place like at this network. They have video interviews, articles on consciousness, enlightenment and human potential. You will find interviews with well known scientis, researcher and many other interesting people with new ideas and theories. The topics are well researched and so are the interviews. Here is the link:

The network is run by Regina and Scott Meredith. Regina and Scott are two media professionals with a strong emphasis on the new consciousness and new ways of living.

I know, it may sound like I am doing some pr here, but I am just really fascinated by this network and have recommend it already to many of my friends. It is great if we have the opportunity to get access to other than only the traditional media networks.  I hope this way you will get some new exciting insights to all we human can discover and create.

Written by Marlene

January 12, 2010 at 11:54 am

Acting and its consequences

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Does acting have a consequence? It is that what I am asking myself lately. From a writers point of view I can say that the characters in a story are real for me. They have a life, they are alive, talking and acting like people. I often feel they have a life of their own and I am just writing down whatever they have to say, or whatever they do.

Now there is this show Supernatural, which I like. This show deals with the paranormal, the supernatural. It kind of belongs to the genre of horror. However, I was wondering how does this show affect the actors? There are two main characters and they play in nearly every scene. I know they work hard and many hours per day and this for nearly five years now I think. They deal every day with all kinds of paranormal. So the actors are those characters for a real long time. I don’t necessarily think it changes their belief in the supernatural, because it is still just a show and they do their job. But like in real life, a job changes nevertheless some things in your life.

I think not every film genre does have the same effect on the actors, but I believe the paranormal genre is different. Is an actor becoming more scared or less scared or what else could change in his life? Or has it really no affect at all to the actors? I find it so hard to believe, because as a writer I know how ‘real’ a character can get. So what do you think, has acting on a show like supernatural consequences for the actors?

Written by Marlene

January 6, 2010 at 9:59 am

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